Now I need to rest because record and upload all that stuff was really exhausting for me ;_; good night!

Finally! Here it is the link from The Appendices Part 9

you can watch online HERE

or you can download HERE

I recommend you to make the download since the mediafire video player sucks.

1: A Warm Welcome - Lake Town 09:46
2:Business of the State - The Master’s Chambers 39:42
3:Shelter on the long lake - Bard’s House 55:21
4: In the Halls of the Elvenking - The Woodland Realm 01:16:09
5: Flies and Spiders - Mirkwood Forest 1:45:49
6:Queer Lodgings - Beorn’s House 2:16:23
7: On the Doorstep - The lonely Mountain 2:43:44
8:Inside Information - Smaug’s Lair 3:02:48
9: Down the Swift Dark Stream… - The Forest River 3:29:10
10: Barrels out of Bond - The Elven Sluice 3:45:14
11:(didn’t saw name) 04:15:41
12:Erebor Rekindle - The dwarfs-forgers 04:37:11
13: …Into the Fire 05:04:49 ( botfa spoilers)

ps: the video quality is kinda bad and I really tried my best. please enjoy.


I feel so bad because the quality from the video sucks. I’m truly sorry about that.

ledamemangociana replied to your post: ok it seems the livestream didn’t reco…

wait omg what are you gonna upload? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Anonymous: Is there any chance you could upload the the extended stuff to an actual video stream? Mediafire has a bad reputation for malware attachments. :(

oh gosh i’m doing the best I can and I don’t think is a good idea upload the video on youtube since the video is five hours long. Mediafire never was a bad thing for me. virus and stuff just happens if people put them in the files( i guess?)I’m gonna just upload the video.

Anonymous: So I hear there wasn't any thranduil or legolas content in the EE? where is all this thranduil and elf stuff coming from then?

from the extras.

I can’t wait to this to upload so I can finally sleep ;-;

photogirl894: If possible, could you post the link the stream when you're finished (if you're not already)? I am dying to see it!! xD

sure! i’m uploading on mediafire right now.

fancyfranzy: Omg thank you SOOOO much for the stream! I'll have to stop watching now because it's 2am and I gotta be at uni fucking early tomorrow but this totally made my night!!

I’m glad you liked! I’m not uploading the entire livestream on mediafire so everyone can download!

I’m soooo tired because I spent 5 hours redoing the livestream again because the old one had lots of pauses and it was not in sequence and some extras were missing and let’s not forget about the fact that the livestream didn’t was recorded! and now i’m uploading the new livestream with all the extras ( just the first part) and without pauses.

ok it seems the livestream didn’t record anything… so i’ll just upload it on mediafire so everyone can download, its okay like this?

gameofthorins replied to your post: anonymous said:Have you seen the …

you said you were disappointed, like were the new scenes boring or they still felt unnecessary or..?

I suppose they were just boring ( to me).but omg the extras are incredible!! 



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